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Critical Lens of Lord of the Flies

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Harold R. McAlindon once said, “The quality of an organization can never exceed the quality of the minds that make it up.” This quote is true based on the novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, in which government is shown to be lost and anarchy has surfaced.

The symbolism, which Golding uses, is strong, using one of the boys, Ralph as a basis for democracy, and another boy named Jack as anarchy. Piggy is used to represent law and order, while Simon serves as a symbol of a Christ figure. The twins, “Samneric,” represent the security and moral support that humans need from one another, and Roger symbolizes man’s natural tendency to cause harm to others. There is conflict that develops between the boys on the island, and this symbolism helps the reader to realize the theme of the novel.

Ralph, with Piggy, makes an emphasis on a needed government, while Jack and Roger support anarchy on the island. Ultimately, in the end, anarchy and evil override government and democracy, as Golding’s point of view is revealed that all men are evil. The plane crashes onto the island, and William Golding uses this setting showing that the boys are isolated from the rest of the world. The boys must fend for themselves, and by doing so two groups have formed.

Golding also uses foreshadowing many times throughout the novel. The beginning conflict between Jack and Ralph to become leaders foretells of bigger conflicts between the two later in the story. There are other times within the novel that foreshadows savagery, and thus, the boys adopt animal-like traits. During the novel, it has also shown that the weaker ones have been tortured, teased about, or picked on, and using this idea, eventually, Piggy is killed, and his glasses and the conch are broken, which leaves nothing of the law, order, and authority that they all had represented.

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All the way through the novel, the perspective of the author, William Golding, supports the quote of Harold R. McAlindon. This is not about the society itself, but about the people within it. It is the minds of these of which make up the organization, and one cannot surpass this.

This is a critical lens of the novel, Lord of the Flies with using literary devices and elements of the novel.

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