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moo When people think of social values in America today they think of the wonderful privilege of social mobility. What this means is a lower class person can gain wealth and climb their way up to the upper class. Although land was not free for the taking in early America, it was close. It began in the Chesapeake colonies where an indentured servant, upon the completion of his term, to earn a piece of land. Due to this possibility, any man can make successive leaps from servant to freeman to freeholder and then a wealthy speculator. The value of social mobility was influenced by America’s past and is a large portion of how America is described socially.

In an economical view to describe America in present times, it is the capitalistic system that the country uses that is its main value. In present day America, there is a free market economy with limited governmental control over businesses. In the colonial past when Britain controlled the colonies, the Americans wanted total freedom. So after the revolution was won, the declaration of independence said every man should be free and capitalism is a “free” market economy. The colonial past of the individuals wanting their freedom helped influence America to adopt capitalism.

The view of the American political values is on the representative government. This value has been a major factor in America’s past and present wars such as the cold war. The representative government comes from the early colonists and there desire to have a say in the government.

America’s present day values are largely due to the colonists from centuries ago. The free market economy and the representative government are influenced from the freedom the country was founded with and the social mobility is from the American dream. The way America is viewed today has been setup from the colonists

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